Introducing video, FB-signup and much more

Here are our latest product updates:

  • You can now send out email invitations to Ticketed events

  • You can now let people sign up with Facebook (only for RSVP events) 

  • You can now add a video to your event site
    We've now made it super easy to add a video to your event site. All you need to do is copy paste the Youtube or Vimeo link in the box that says "Video" in the content section and you're ready to go. Try it out now. 

  • You can now see who has opened your email invitations
    You’ve been able to send email invitations via Confetti for a while now, today we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just added a feature that allows you to see who has opened your email invite, who hasn’t as well as seeing which emails that bounced. You can access all of this information by going to your attendee list, and then clicking on "Show invites" on the top right of the page.

  • You can now change the ticket type for someone who already bought a ticket
    A few of you have had trouble with people buying the wrong ticket type to your event and wishes to switch ticket type after, we've therefore made it easy for you to do so. Simply click on the persons name in your attendee list and then click on the dropdown meny named "Ticket batch" and you'll be able to change and update their ticket type . Please note that the person won't be charged/refunded for the difference in price.