Updated: Introducing pricing

Update: Pricing will be introduced on Thursday, Nov 19.

From the 11th of November 2015, using some Confetti features will require you to pay. To answer some of the most frequently asked questions about transitioning to Confetti Plus, we’ve written this blog post.

What will happen to my Confetti event sites after November 11?

All of your Confetti event sites using the following features will be tagged as Plus:

  • Custom domain
  • Invite only event
  • Password protection of event site
  • Hide in search engines
  • Import attendees
  • Export attendees
  • White label your event site
  • Google analytics

All of your existing Plus Confetti event sites will continue to work as before. However, all NEW Confetti event sites created after November 11 with Plus features will require you to pay. (All Confetti event sites which dosen’t include Plus features are free forever)

What does your pricing structure look like?
alt Free
All Confetti events sites which dosen't include Plus features are free.

Single event
Choosing "Single event" means that you can create one Confetti event site using all Plus features for a cost of 499 SEK + VAT. You will be billed once, no subscriptions.

Choosing "Unlimited" means that you can create an unlimited amount of Confetti event sites using all Plus features for 199 SEK + VAT per month (billed yearly) or 299 SEK + VAT billed monthly.

Will you be offering any discount for existing users?
Of course. Our existing users purchasing our yearly Plus plan before the 10th of February can receive a 50% discount on the listed price of 199 SEK + VAT/Month, if paid up front. More info on how to claim your discount will come soon.

Send an email to hello@confetti.events and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.