You can now duplicate event sites and send reminder emails via Confetti

Duplicate events
If you’re organizing an event series or a lot of similar events you’ll be happy to learn that we just launched the feature of duplicating event sites. Simply click “Create new event site” and on top of the page you’ll find a section allowing you to duplicate an event site you’ve previously created. Super simple!

Send reminder emails
You can now send emails to your attendees via Confetti to remind them of your upcoming event. You can send one the week before and/or one the day before. You can edit and update the copy and content of the email by navigating to the email section in the menu when logged in.

The reminder emails are automatically activated, if you want to turn them off go to, settings, setup and scroll down to “Email settings”.

Have you tried our check-in app?
In case you missed it we launched a check-in app earlier this winter. It’s called Confetti - Event manager and it makes it fast and easy to check in all of your attendees. You can download it here.