Confetti makes me want to host amazing events!

Hi Aleksandra! You're the co-founder of HER. Tell us about it!

– Together with my co-partner Sofia Kacim, I run HER, a feminist community where women learn from each other and develop together. We saw a need for a forum where women can be themselves, where we can be personal and professional, without the constant pressure to perform. Today we have 3,000 individual members in 16 cities around the world, including Stockholm, New York, London and Hong Kong. We arrange events in the form of small dinners – rarely more than 23 guests – and have regular after-work mingles with max 80 handpicked members. Here in Stockholm we tend to meet up at Alma, our HQ and co-working space for creators and innovators.

What happens at your events?

– We always invite members to attend based on a theme. It might be about learning to pitch to investors, identifying a co-founder or starting a company during maternity leave. We want to put feminism into practice, and provide tools and inspiration to our members. We usually invite guests of honor, one or more women who have created something innovative and who we can learn from. Most recently, we had Jonna Dagliden Hunt and Anna-Karin Wikstrand, founders of the luxury sunglass brand Oh My Eyes.

And you choose Confetti for all your events. Why?

– Because Confetti is like HER – we feel completely at home. It's a super-easy and fun tool that has an attractive and friendly design. It makes me want to host more amazing events. And it makes me want to go to events.

What makes a successful event?

– Good question! I've been to so many bad events and learned a lot from them. A successful event has a clear Why, How and What that is communicated to its guests before the event. Everyone who comes will already know: 1) Why I am here, and 2) What I’m going to get out of it. It's about knowing your audience, and communicating a feeling and a message already in the invitation. We always write why our guests are invited and what they can expect at the event. It sets the tone and expectations – and helps people relax and get to know each other.

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